Little Fox Services Ltd. is based on the idea and goal of helping each other.

Little Fox Services is a new company with 100% Indigenous ownership. We are a multi-diversified company with extensive knowledge of the safety industry. Little Fox Services management team has a history of serving Canadian clients in both the private and public sectors. Our ownership group has over 75 years' combined experience working in the public and private sectors, and for First Nations / Metis directly. We have experienced firsthand a continual gap in the current quality and services provided and delivered to First Nation members, Metis, and Indigenous Peoples. We feel that we are able to offer unique services that cater to First Nations, Metis, and Indigenous Peoples while acknowledging Indigenous culture, values and beliefs.















Why LFS 


Our success will be measured by our clients choosing us because of their belief in our ability to meet and exceed their expectations of service, quality, expertise and results.

• 100% local First Nations & Metis owned and operated
• Over 35 years’ management experience working for First Nation Bands, Metis, and Indigenous Peoples           
• Remote training and mobile trailer

• First Nation & Metis medical services company hiring local Indigenous members
• Safety consulting and written policy manuals for local First Nation businesses
• Staff with medical, fire, and EMS background to develop emergency response manuals and planning
• Consulting experience for hiring/retaining Indigenous employees

• Indigenous community-impact benefits
• Staff for First Nation health clinics and health commissions
• Work with resource developers to ensure contracts awarded to First Nation companies
• Work with local economic development for funding/grant new-business initiatives
• Option of either a joint venture/partnership, or consult and develop existing businesses
• FREE comprehensive evaluation of current safety and emergency response manuals 
• Actively engage all resource developers on behalf of all Indigenous groups
• Empowering Indigenous youth with the tools for tomorrow
• Indigenous and Indigenous people skills, and employment training strategy
• Single-source solutions

• Save YOU time, save YOU money

• Fully understand the need to control manageable costs

• Work and collaborate with Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Program

• Help local-area residents improve their skills and find employment

• Work with Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy

• Experience with CMHC, INAC, CEDP, AANDC, LEDSP, and TSAG 

• Provide funding and training for Indigenous members

Our Values


Within Little Fox Services corporate structure and management, we instill the belief that hard work, dedication and commitment are the cornerstones of success. It is through success in business and consultation that all first nations, Indigenous peoples and its membership will attain self-sufficiency. 


Our core values define who we are, how we behave, and what to expect when you work with Little Fox Services. Our team lives and breathes these values every day.

Little Fox Services is a certified CCAB member

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TOLL-FREE: 1-866-853-7369 

OFFICE:  780-891-9223

FAX:  1-780-669-5780 


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