Electrical & Instrumentation


Little Fox Services Electrical and Instrumentation provides a full scope of electrical and instrumentation services for any size of project in any location across Canada. At Little Fox Services we are devoted to protecting the health and safety of our clients, employees, property, and visitors from harm and/or loss in the workplace. Little Fox Services offers flexible contract arrangements including cost plus, lump sum, fixed fee, and AFE target estimates. Little Fox Services is capable of managing and overseeing all phases of the project cycle. Including but not limited to estimating, budgeting, planning, procurement, construction, commissioning, start-up, and final turnover. Little Fox Services electrical and instrumentation creates the most innovative, functional and cost effective solutions for commercial and industrial clients.

Customers will benefit from the simplicity & efficiency of having multiple services with a single point of contact, in addition to being able to take advantage of our comprehensive expertise & project knowledge, which results in a finished project that doesn't compromise quality for value.  Knowing that communication is key, our project management team strives to ensure all relevant information for the project is being shared in a timely fashion with all stakeholders. This information would consist of scheduling, material delivery, labour productivity, cost reporting, and forecasting. Benefits of Little Fox Services Electrical and Instrumentation are:

   • Customized Project & Design Flexibility
   • Enhanced Budget Management
   • Collaborative Approach
   • Accelerated Scheduling 

Little Fox Services Electrical and Instrumentation is provided to an array of sectors including:

   •  Modular and Skid Fabrication
   •  Mining
   •  Food and Beverage
   •  Agriculture
   •  Light Industrial
   •  Renewables
   •  Power Generation
   •  Hydro
   •  Oil and Gas
   •  New Construction and Plant Renovation



   • All types of power, control wiring, and instrumentation for any size of project
   • Electrical & Instrumentation facility construction and maintenance
   • Skid/modular building construction and site integration
   • Substation control system wiring
   • High voltage construction support
   • Instrument calibration and commissioning
   • Installation of fire and gas safety systems
   • ABSA certified testing of instrumentation piping systems
   • Remote monitoring and control systems (SCADA)
   • Workforce camp construction
   • Control panel design, construction and certification
   • Process automation
   • Electrical & Instrumentation labour support
   • Turnkey design build
   • Heat trace design and installation
   • Quality control inspection officers
   • Commissioning and startup support
   • Senior construction management
   • Electrical & Instrumentation estimating services
   • Customized Project Reporting



Little Fox Services has spent extensive time in the field interacting and working with customers. We pride ourselves on being available to our customers and we encourage them to exploit our abilities in assisting in field installation and start-up.


Little Fox Services is qualified and skilled with proper depiction of control and data acquisition on P & ID's when using a digital control system. We can assist you in properly documenting and simplifying these details by review, mark-up drawings, and attendance at any HAZOP or P & ID review meetings.


Little Fox Services can develop a customized maintenance program to service your application requirements (24 hour call availability). This service may include regular backups and verifications, troubleshooting application problems and similar control systems maintenance functions.


Little Fox Services offers extensive oilfield construction expertise that covers all oil and gas processing applications. All our personnel are very highly trained in the industry.


Little Fox Services offers many years of experience in the field of Electrical Submersible Pumps and various motor protection units available for these pumps.


Little Fox Services personnel have extensive training on both installing and calibrating many different brands of fire and gas detection equipment.



Experienced in all aspects of the commercial construction industry, Little Fox Services can deliver a full range of commercial electrical contracting services and design build solutions, from concept to completion. Well-versed in all aspects of the electrical commercial construction industry, our expert team provides clients with professional, reliable and cost effective installations, regardless of the size or type of project. 

Little Fox Services is experienced in the industrial electrical industry and is capable of providing clients with electrical services such as: maintenance, industrial repairs, upgrades or new construction. Our knowledge of and experience in the industrial industry enables us to complete projects both on time and on budget, all while providing quality workmanship and ensuring a safe working environment for everyone.  Our industrial work covers a wide range of projects, including:

      • Welding Shops
      • Tank Farms
      • Installation of Industrial Electrical Equipment & Machinery
      • Custom Design Portable Power Skid
      • Machine Shop Design Builds
      • LED Lighting Upgrades 
      • Food and Beverage Plants
      • Processing Facilities
      • Hydro Projects & Renewables
      • Agriculture
      • New Construction Projects



In addition to our electrical contracting work, Little Fox Services also specializes in electrical maintenance services for commercial & industrial clients. Our highly qualified electricians have extensive experience troubleshooting various types of electrical systems, including: lighting, lighting controls, LED fixtures, fire alarms, and more. We provide building and equipment servicing, regular planned maintenance, as well as 24/7 emergency services.  Little Fox Services encourages a proactive, preventative maintenance approach, which ensures electrical systems are functioning safely and efficiently and will help to identify and correct any potential issues before they arise.  

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance:

     • Fewer business interruptions
     • Reduced risk of property damage
     • Cost savings



Little Fox Services is a company of electrical consulting engineers, providing complete consulting services for industrial electrical installations, process control and automation, data acquisition and management, process simulation and operator training. We service clients ranging from machine/equipment/production-line vendors to major manufacturing companies in industries such as: engineered wood, aerospace, heat generation, environmental, assembly and tooling, material handling (drying, conveying, sorting, packaging) etc.

From smaller upgrades and equipment optimizations to the complete design of green field plants. Little Fox Services will deliver the highest quality of engineering and automation services, while utilizing the latest in proven technologies.

Our Services Include:

     • Electrical Design (power distribution, control panels, wiring etc)
     • PLC Programming Specialization(Allen-Bradley/Rockwell, Siemens, Modicon - All Platforms)
     • HMI & MES Platform Specialization (Wonderware, RSView, Intellution, Factory Link)
     • Servo Control Systems
     • Process Simulation Programs (Tester & Operator Training
     • Industrial IT Solutions
     • SCADA/PLC, HMI and MES Programming
     • SCADA/PLC/HMI Network Design
     • System Integration, Conversion and/or Upgrades
     • SQL Database Design
     • Quality Management Tools
     • Plant Management Tools
     • Engineering & Maintenance Management Tools
     • On Site Installation & Start-Up Management
     • Machine Manufacturer's Support
     • North American Control Technology Components For European Equipment


Little Fox Services is a certified CCAB member