Welcome to Little Fox Emergency Medical Services. LFS is the leader in quality pre-hospital care for industry throughout Canada. You can count on us to deliver consistent, quality, rate-competitive, emergency medical care for any aspect of your projects. We are proud to be a 100% Indigenous company, owned and operated. 














At LFS our top priority is quality of customer service and patient care. We understand the logistics of your remote locations. We ensure that as your medical provider, each time you bring a team member out to your site you receive trained, consistent, and knowledgeable service. 

Little Fox Emergency Services provides: 



•  4x4 ambulances, emergency response SUV’s, MTCs
•  Patient transport unit
•  OFA III, EMRs, EMTs, primary and advanced-care paramedics
•  Nursing stations, remote nursing clinics
•  Nurse practitioners, physicians
•  Mobile treatment centres and medical clinics
•  Noninvasive carbon monoxide, ETCO2, and other patient monitoring
•  Advanced Life Support (ALS) on call for site service support
•  Rescue trailers 
•  Rescue snowmobiles with rescue toboggan 
•  Side-by-side ATV with patient transport ability 
•  Rescue Argo

•  No hidden costs 









Fire Rescue

•  Industrial firefighting
•  Shower decontamination 
•  Recovery stations
•  Wildland firefighting
•  Combo units
•  Development of site emergency response programs
•  Mobilization, management, staffing of fire hall
•  Crisis management plans
•  Fire suppression
•  Firefighter — NFPA 1001/NFPA 1002
•  Rescue tech — NFPA 1006 (Confined Space / High Angle)
•  Airfield crash rescue
•  Training


•  Mobile security patrol services (licensed        and bonded)
•  Provide protection and investigation to local    businesses
•  K9 dog unit patrol services
•  Investigation services
•  Alarm response
•  Executive protection
•  Security protection
•  Security services — security guard
•  Locksmiths
•  Automobile locksmiths
•  Corporate locksmiths
•  Security trailers













•  Safety professionals

•  HSE advisor
•  Safety watch
•  Disability claim management
•  Hazard management (ACSA)
•  Health and safety program
•  CSO
•  H2S safety supervisor
•  Air — safety trailers
•  Air monitoring
•  COR program development/audits
•  Emergency response planning
•  Policy and procedure development

Little Fox Services is a certified CCAB member

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