Our Services

Little Fox Services is a new 100% Indigenous local First Nation, and Metis-owned and operated, self-performing company that offers twelve (12), core services to our clients. These twelve (12), specialized services, allow us to offer clients a range of customizable options, to meet the diverse needs of clientele, from an assortment of trades and industries. We are a multi-diversified company with extensive knowledge of our twelve (12), core service areas. Little Fox Services management team has a history of serving Canadian clients in both the private and public sectors. Our ownership group has over 75 years' combined experience working in the public and private sectors, and for First Nations, Metis, and Inuit; all Indigenous groups directly.


Little Fox Services Core Areas: 

  • Occupational Health & Safety

  • Electrical & Instrumentation | Automation

  • Mechanical and Fabrication

  • Surveying & Geomatics | Civil Engineering

  • HDD & Trenchless Access | Horizontal Auger Boring

  • NDT/NDE & UAV - Drone Services

  • Environmental Services | Indigenous Environmental 

  • Indigenous Workforce & Staffing | Skilled Trades

  • Information Technology (IT) | Cloud Services

  • Wireless & Fibre Optics 

  • Railworks | Railway Construction

  • Scaffolding & Insulation 


• Ambulances, Emergency Response SUV’s, Mobile               Treatment Centres (MTC)

• Medical Staff - (Industrial projects, turnarounds,                   community events)

• Nursing Stations, Remote Nursing Clinics, Healthcare         Centres

• WCB wellness programs (vaccinations, flu shots)

• Drug and Alcohol testing (modified work programs)

• OFA III, EMR’s, Primary Care Paramedics (PCP) and             Advanced Care Paramedics (ACP)

• Critical Care Paramedics, Nurses (LPN & RN) and Nurse     Practitioners

• Remote nursing stations and onsite nursing clinics

• Full-Service Clinics

• Medical Direction / On-Call Physician 24/7

• Mobile Drug and Alcohol Testing

• Health and Safety Management System

• Project Management

• Incident/Accident Investigation

• Independent medical assessment

• WCB and disability management

• Project Risk Assessment and Hazard Analysis


• Wildland Firefighters
• First Nation and Metis Fire Smart Programs
• Fire Shower Combo Units, and shower units (industrial       suppression, emergency response)
• Chemical and oil leaks, disaster response clean-up team     (environmental consultants)
• H2S Supervisors, NCSO officers, Health Safety Advisors,     OH&S certified staff
• HSE Personnel: CRSP, HSE Client Consultants
• SCBA and SABA on air demand trailers and equipment
• High Angle & Confined Space Rescue Techs,
• Dry and Chemical Foam extinguishers
• Fire Suppression extinguishers
• Mobile HAZMAT shower units
• High Angle Supervisors and team lead rescue
• Cascade System, Hydro-Static Testing,
• Breathing Air Inspection & Maintenance
• Audiometric Testing, Fit Testing 
• Safety Watch Personnel
• ASET Tracking – people and equipment


All guards and/or operatives are selected, screened, and trained according to Provincial / Municipal standards.

• Mobile Security patrol services (licensed and bonded)
• Commercial Property Security
• Educational Facilities
• First Nation Reserves
• Health Care Facilities
• Retail / Malls
• Construction Sites
• Oil, Gas, Mining, Renewables, Geothermal, Agriculture,     Forestry
• K9 Detection
• Security Systems
• Private Investigations
• Loss Prevention
• VIP Close Protection
• GPS Tracking
• Integrated Security Solutions
• Provide protection and investigation to local businesses
• Train staff and provide local employment
• Alarm Response

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Little Fox Services Electrical and Instrumentation provides a full scope of electrical and instrumentation services for any size of project in any location across Canada. At Little Fox Services we are devoted to protecting the health and safety of our clients, employees, property, and visitors from harm and/or loss in the workplace. Little Fox Services offers flexible contract arrangements including cost plus, lump sum, fixed fee, and AFE target estimates. Little Fox Services is capable of managing and overseeing all phases of the project cycle. Including but not limited to estimating, budgeting, planning, procurement, construction, commissioning, start-up, and final turnover. Little Fox Services electrical and instrumentation creates the most innovative, functional and cost effective solutions for commercial and industrial clients.

Little Fox Electrical and Instrumentation Capabilities Include:


• Control Wiring
• E&I Facility Construction and Maintenance
• Skid/modular Building Construction

• Site Integration
• Substation control system wiring
• High voltage construction support
• Instrument calibration and commissioning
• Installation of fire and gas safety systems
• ABSA certified testing of instrumentation piping systems
• Remote monitoring and control systems (SCADA)
• Workforce camp construction
• Control panel design, construction and certification
• Process automation
• Electrical & Instrumentation labour support
• Turnkey design build
• Heat trace design and installation
• Quality control inspection officers
• Commissioning and startup support
• Senior construction management
• Electrical & Instrumentation estimating services
• Customized Project Reporting


• Electrical Consulting Engineers

• Consulting Services for E& I Installations

• Process Control and Automation

• Data Acquisition and Management

• Process Simulation and Operator Training. 



Little Fox Services is pleased to announce its Mechanical & Fabrication services will be performed by A-Plus Welding. Little Fox Services Vice President of Operations, and part owner Devin Lamy, and owner of A-Plus Welding, have formed a strategic joint venture and ownership group to bid on mechanical and fabrication projects, as a core service offered under Little Fox Services to all clients. A-Plus Welding Mechanical and Fabrication services are provided to clients in various industries such as commercial, mining, forestry, oil, gas, agriculture, fishery, rail, manufacturing, construction, and renewables.

Structural Steel Install
Our team has you covered when it comes to design and planning to fabrication and onsite install.

From onsite large bore casing splices for road crossing to small and mid-sized diameter process piping for facility new build and maintenance, we can provide it all.

Structural Supports
We have supplied clients with an array of structural piping supports ranging from overhead pipe bridges for road crossings to above ground pipeline supports and pile caps



Little Fox Services provides professional survey, geotechnical and environmental services. Experience and knowledge of a wide range of projects ensures that we provide reliable and professional services in the fields of energy, industry and infrastructure while meeting the strictest quality requirements. And because we offer multiple services in one company, our clients have been able to find a one-stop shop for projects of any size.

• Project Planning and Management
• Well Site and Access Road Surveying
• Pipeline Surveying
• Underground Facility Locating
• Facility Surveying
• Topographic Surveying

• Tailing Pond Surveys
• Erosion Monitoring Surveys

• Topographic Surveys
• Construction Staking and Slope Staking
• Utility Staking
• Line Locating
• Plant Site Facility Work
• Civil Surveys
• Mechanical Surveys (pumps, vessels, turbines)
• Structural Surveys

• Photo Packages & Videos
• Volume Reconciliation
• Large Scale 3D Models
High Resolution Orthomosaics
• Site Assessments & Scouting
• Non-Invasive Wildlife Monitoring


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• Commercial and Residential Subdivisions
• Preliminary Planning Stages

• Plan completion and registration

• Subdivisions meeting Bylaw Regulations 

• Community Planning Requirements.

• Legal Turbine Site Plans
• Legal Cable and Access Right-of-Ways
• Surface Lease and Access Road Surveying

• Preliminary surveys to assist with project planning
• Construction staking of proposed utilities
• As-built of installed facilities
• Telecommunication towers
• Right-of-way plans
• Easement plans

HDD & TRENCHLESS ACCESS | Horizontal Auger Boring


Little Fox Services Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a versatile trenchless construction contractor using methods for locations where surface excavations and conventional trenching are not desirable. Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is widely used for below-ground pipeline and utility installations that require a trenchless solution. It is a low disturbance approach for accurately and efficiently crossing roads, railways, rivers, bays and a variety of other obstacles with minimal environmental impact. HDD is used in situations that allow for an angled installation, and requires adequate space to set up a drill pad at the rig site.

Little Fox Services provides the following services:

• Horizontal Auger Boring
• Pipe Bursting
• Guided Boring
• Hand Mining
• Pipe Ramming
• Open Cut
• Pipe Jacking
• Residential Water and Sewer


NDT/NDE & UAV - Drone Services


Little Fox Services delivers conventional and advanced NDT/NDE and UAV Drone services all around Western Canada. We are committed to delivering a Safe, High Quality, Reliable, Consistent testing services accurately and on time to our valued clients by competent, experienced and qualified personnel. Our personnel and contractors have many years of experience in projects and facilities of oil and gas plants, mining, agriculture and food, construction, fabricating, manufacturing, forestry, energy, and renewables in Canada. Little Fox Services has has qualified, competent and experienced personnel with various levels of certification from NRCAN (CGSB), CWB, API and ABSA. All our resources are highly experienced and have knowledge in various methods and products to meet our industries ever challenging needs.

NDT and Inspection Services include:


• Radiographic Inspection
• Ultrasonic Flaw Detection and Corrosion Surveys
• Magnetic & Liquid Penetrant Inspection
• Cranes, Hoists and Lifting Equipment Inspection and         Certification
• Hardness Testing
• Positive Material Identification
• Ferrite Testing
• Asset Integrity
• QA / QC
• API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspection
• API 570 Pressure Piping Inspection
• API 653 Tank Inspection
• Vacuum Box Testing / Repad Test / Diesel Test
• Shell and Roof Evaluation
• Tank Repair Quality Assurance
• Visual CWB Inspection: (178.1 Certified to CSA                   W47.1/W59, CSA Z662, ASME B31.3)
• Phased Array (PAUT) and Time-Of-Flight Diffraction           (TOFD)
• Laser Scanning
• Oilfield equipment Drafting
• Asset Inventory Services: Collection of static data

Asset Integrity Inspections

• PIA – Pipeline Integrity Assessments
• CUI – Corrosion Under Insulation – Lyft
• PECA (Pulsed Eddy Current Array)
• TML – Thickness Monitor Locations
• CML – Corrosion Monitor Locations
• ACM – Automated Corrosion Mapping

• Integrity Surveys
• Drone Inspections
• Videoscope
• Close & Mid-Range Laser Scanning for:
• Pipeline
• Tank
• Facility

Non-Destructive Testing

• MT – Magnetic Particle Testing
• PT – Liquid Penetrant Testing
• UT – Ultrasonic Testing
• RT – Radiography Testing
• CR – Computed Radiography
• DR – Digital Radiography
• ET – Eddy Current Testing
• PAUT – Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing with Full Matrix         Capture (FMC)
• TOFD – Time of Flight Diffraction


Lifting and Equipment Certifications


• Elevating Work Platforms
• Vehicle – Mounted Aerial Devices
• Lift Trucks
• Mobile Cranes

• Below-the-hook Lifting Devices
• Lifting Attachments

Visual Inspections

• CWB W178.2 Certified Welding  Inspectors (Levels: 1, 2, 3)
• Third Party Inspectors
• Vendor
• Fabrication Facilities
• API Inspectors

Field Evaluation Services

• FT – Ferrite Testing collection of static data
• HT – Hardness Testing (UCI & Telebrinell)
• PMI – Alloys (XRF Analyzer)
• PMI – Soil Analysis (XRF Analyzer)
• PMI – Positive Material Identification Carbon Equivalence (OES & LIBS Analyzer)




Little Fox Services provides a wide range of environmental and project management services and solutions to a wide variety of industries within Western and Central Canada, the Northwest Territories, Yukon, and other areas. With a diverse team that have broad industry knowledge and experience, Little Fox Services provides quality, cost effective services to its clients.

Wetland & Aquatic Ecology

• Wetland Assessment and Impact Reporting (WAIR & WAIF)
• Constructed Wetland Design and Monitoring (Verification & Validation)
• Desktop Biophysical Assessments
• Watercourse Crossing Assessments (QAES services)

Fish & Wildlife

• Fish & Fish Habitat Assessments
• Fish Capture & Release
• Bird Nest Sweeps
• Species-at-Risk Surveys
• Amphibian Salvage

Soil & Vegetation

• Pre-disturbance Assessments (Vegetation & Soil Classification)
• Vegetation Monitoring
• Seed Collection and Planting Prescriptions
• Rare Plant Surveys

Little Fox Environmental Services Includes:

• Environmental Protection Plans (EPP) and ECO Plans
• Total Suspended Solids (TSS) Monitoring
• Post-Construction Reclamation Assessments
• Regulatory Support Services
• Environmental Compliance
• Traditional Plant & Land Use Studies
• Environmental Monitoring
• Professional Environmental Advisory Services

• Indigenous Environmental Studies

• First Nation, Metis, and Inuit Environmental Consultation 




Real Change starts with hiring Indigenous peoples. Little Fox Services recognizes many Indigenous people want to work, but face challenges in finding gainful and meaningful employment. Cultural, language, and traditional barriers cause many Indigenous peoples to be excluded. Many employers want to hire while increasing diversity in their workplace, but can’t find people with the skill sets they require. That’s why Little Fox Services Indigenous Workforce was created – to determine current and future skills gaps, identify employer needs, identify and select Indigenous people who need help entering the workforce, and then apply our Indigenous knowledge to create functionality that benefit both employers and job seekers. That’s the heart of Little Fox Services drive.

Little Fox Services provides clients with Indigenous Workforce such as:

• General labourers, Craft/Skilled trades, Heavy Equipment Operators,
• Journeywomen/Journeymen, Journeyperson, and Apprentices
• Welders, Electricians, Millwrights, Carpenters, Ironworkers, Scaffolders, Instrumentation Technicians
• Administrative, Clerical, Human Resources
• First Aid Attendants, Paramedics, Nurses, Occupational Health and Safety Personnel
• IT Technician, Helpdesk Analyst, IT Network Systems, Test Analyst, Software Developer, Network Program Manager
• Rescue Technicians, Firefighters, Safety Watch Personnel
• Foreman, Leadhand, Process Engineer, Operator, Process Control, Indigenous Summer Students
• Camp Attendant, Janitors, Line Cooks, Chefs, Maintenance Personnel, Facilities Manager, Supervisors
• Project Managers, Engineers, Business Analysts, Community Engagement, Consultants

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Little Fox Services is a certified CCAB member