Environmental Services

Little Fox Services has extensive experience and knowledge in environmental management and planning. Our staff are passionate about the environment. We offer Indigenous environmental monitoring services to ensure all Indigenous territory is respected and utilized appropriately. We can help ensure that environmental impacts are minimized or eliminated and regulatory benchmarks are met while achieving clients' goals.


Environmental Assessments and Planning

Little Fox Services provides a full suite of environmental assessments and plans from the conceptual stage of a project right through to the decommissioning. Assessments include:

•  Environmental impact assessments
•  Phase I, II, III environmental site assessments
•  Enhanced approval process and environmental field reports
•  Post-construction reclamation assessments
•  Compliance audits
•  Watercourse crossing assessments and plans
•  Wildlife protection plans
•  Caribou protection plans 


Vegetation Assessments and Planning

•  Timber salvage volume assessments
•  Timber salvage plans
•  Operational plans
•  Right-of-way vegetation assessments and inventory
•  Vegetation removal assessments, plans and budgeting
•  Plant surveys
•  Weed and invasive species surveys


Environmental Monitoring

•  Water quality assessments and monitoring
•  Watercourse crossing inspection
•  Watercourse crossing inventory
•  Baseline data acquisition and environmental affects monitoring
•  Fish investigations and monitoring
•  Aquatic ecology reports
•  Erosion control monitoring and plans
•  Toxicological and fish disease investigations
•  Soil disturbance remediation and reclamation
•  Aquatic habitat assessments, restoration and compensation plans
•  Hydrology and watershed management

Environmental land reclamation can be a costly and involved process, but efficient practices such as advanced soil handling and reclamation allow us to make sure sites meet governmental regulations, while keeping timelines and budgets in mind.

Environmental services Include:

•  Cleanups
•  Pipeline removals and reclamation
•  Lease site construction
•  Reclamation and abandonment
•  Liner installation and removal
•  Facility decommissioning

Little Fox Services is a certified CCAB member

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