• Complete management of all fire rescue site requirements
• Mobilization, management, training and staffing of fire hall

• Crisis-management plans

• Development of site emergency response programs

• Fire suppression
• Airfield crash rescue
• Training
• Wildland firefighting

• Construction safety officer
• Firefighter — NFPA 1001/1002
• Primary care paramedic
• Rescue tech — NFPA 1006 (Confined Space/High Angle)


As a leader in the professional fire service industry, Little Fox Services provides a comprehensive yet diversified service offering. All services are provide by certified/licensed fire and life-safety professionals equipped with leading-edge firefighting apparatus, equipment and technology to support our frontline firefighters and fire safety service technicians at your worksite, office and home.

Our clients benefit from our full service–full cycle approach to service delivery, offering a deep level of knowledge and experience ranging in all aspects of real-time firefighting to the sale, installation, maintenance and service of life-safety systems and equipment.

Little Fox Services can deliver on-site rescue duties, equipment checks, tests and high-risk approach scenarios, and also perform the following:

• Writing confined-space entry permits
• Pre-entry plans
• Hazard assessments
• Job hazard analysis
• Air quality monitoring
• Spark watch
• Back up for on-site medical personnel
• Fire watch
• Safety audits
• Safety inspections
• Safety orientations
• Safety training
• Safety policy and procedure implementation
• Drug and alcohol testing (pre-access/post-incident)
• Rescue scenarios

Little Fox Services is a certified CCAB member

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