Little Fox Services employs an integrated team of natural resource, geospatial and engineering consultants, and seedling growers. We provide clients with practical and sustainable solutions across a wide variety of projects throughout Canada. We have developed extensive experience across a range of business sectors and operate through six divisions:


• Forestry
• Strategic Planning
• Engineering
• Geospatial
• Software
• Nursery


We provide expertise in quantifying, locating, describing and valuing forest resources. Our staff includes registered professional foresters, forestry technicians, biologists, registered forest technologists, agriculturalists and silviculturalists. 

Our dedicated staff of engineers, surveyors and design technicians specialize in road and bridge design, and construction supervision. Collaboration between our forestry and engineering consultants ensures effective, coordinated delivery of large development projects.

We provide strategic planners that participate on a myriad of development projects, equipping us with the framework to effectively navigate almost any natural resource challenge. From fibre supply projections to forest tenure applications and geo-spatial inventory analysis, we are capable of deciphering a broad range of intricate projects.

Little Fox Services is a certified CCAB member

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