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HDD & Trenchless Access

Horizontal Auger Boring 

Little Fox Services Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a versatile trenchless construction contractor using methods for locations where surface excavations and conventional trenching are not desirable. Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is widely used for below-ground pipeline and utility installations that require a trenchless solution. It is a low disturbance approach for accurately and efficiently crossing roads, railways, rivers, bays and a variety of other obstacles with minimal environmental impact. HDD is used in situations that allow for an angled installation, and requires adequate space to set up a drill pad at the rig site.

Little Fox Services uses its internal manufacturing capabilities with feedback from our operating personnel to continue to provide innovations in horizontal directional drilling technology. These innovations help  continue to build new and upgraded equipment that helps customers drill safe, efficient water crossings and reduce overall risks of pipeline projects. Our operations are enhanced through internal manufacturing, maintenance & repair and supply functions. These operating philosophies enable Little Fox Services to provide excellent service to and create value for our customers. We bring you a fleet of custom-modified large rigs that operate in all climates, conditions and locations, including under waterways, railways, roadways and runways.


Little Fox Services is a specialized contractor supplying trenchless pipe installation services across Western Canada. Our team of skilled professionals have a combined 75 years of experience, and understand the importance of providing a quality job in a timely manner, while giving the utmost consideration to safety and the environment.


Little Fox Services provides the following services:

  • Horizontal Auger Boring

  • Pipe Bursting

  • Guided Boring

  • Hand Mining

  • Pipe Ramming

  • Open Cut

  • Pipe Jacking

  • Residential Water and Sewer

Little Fox Services is pleased to provide HDD and Trenchless Access to the following sectors:


Little Fox Services offers horizontal directional drilling services and trenchless access to construction, pipeline and utility clients throughout western and northern Canada. Our safe, modern, well-maintained fleet is expertly operated by highly experienced crews with the expertise and training to work in all conditions and terrains.

Little Fox Services is a certified CCAB member