Little Fox Services Health, Safety and Environment Policy 

Little Fox Services is committed to a safe workplace that ensures clients and employees benefit from a safe work environment. Our employees, subcontractors, partners, management and owners conduct all aspects of our work in a safe and environmentally conscious manner.


Little Fox Services takes pride in being able to work on public and private land for numerous clients. We feel it is a privilege to be able to conduct our business on these lands and take the extra steps to ensure that work is conducted in an environmentally deliberate manner. Little Fox Services respects all Indigenous Peoples, acknowledging their culture, values, beliefs, lands, and territory, environmental impact assessments, and archaeological sites. 


Little Fox Services is a company that is committed to preserving and protecting the environment, and the health and safety of its employees and all personnel employed at our worksites. As a responsible corporate citizen, LFS realizes the importance of the environment and is committed to exercising responsible leadership to protect and conserve it in our daily operations.


Little Fox Services' Health, Safety and Environment Management System exhibits our commitment to protecting and promoting the safety and well-being of employees, visitors, subcontractors and the environment. We are committed to acting sensibly and rationally on social, environmental, and health and safety issues. LFS believes that safety and production are inseparable components of our daily work activities and are, therefore, synonymous.

Employees and management at every level are responsible and accountable for the company’s overall safety initiatives. Our management and supervisory team are responsible and accountable for ensuring that proper planning for accident and loss prevention is incorporated into all our activities. All of our subcontractors are also required to comply with all company, legislative, and client safety policies and rules.

LFS continues to enliven the active support and involvement of employees within the organization, in achieving and nurturing an effective Health, Safety and Environment Management System. Our goal is to have every worksite accident- and injury-free. With the effort and participation of everyone, this can be accomplished. Through good use of planning, sound judgement, and common sense, everyone can prevent all types of accidents.


Our Management system at LFS has an obligation to provide safe equipment and tools with which to work, and a safe environment in which to perform work, through participation on our safety program. All LFS employees within our worksites shall be responsible for eliminating incidents. LFS ensures all workers, management, visitors, and subcontractors are accountable and responsible for providing and fostering a safe working environment.

Little Fox Services is a certified CCAB member