Indigenous Inclusion Policy


Little Fox Services Ltd. is proud to include all Indigenous People — First Nations, Metis, and Inuit. As a 100% Indigenous owned company, Little Fox Services recognizes the need to ensure all Indigenous peoples are fairly represented in all industries. As an Indigenous owner | welcome all Indigenous peoples to a workplace that embraces the cultural diversity, respect, and honesty of everyone. We recognize the importance of reconciliation between indigenous communities and broader society. Positive relations with all Indigenous peoples based on mutual respect and focused on achieving common goals, will create constructive and positive outcomes for all Indigenous peoples and their communities.

Little Fox Services Ltd. commits to building sustainable relations with all commerce and entities while insuring all local indigenous communities are fairly represented in proximity to where industry conducts their business. Little Fox Services Ltd. recognizes the need for industry to engage all Indigenous businesses while respecting the rights all Indigenous peoples and creating opportunities working together for mutual benefit.

Little Fox Services Ltd. strives to be a leader engaging industry to help understand the importance of treaty rights, traditional territories, and boundaries, the respect of all Indigenous peoples, and help establish and maintain meaningful relationships, value and recognizing unique cultural traditions. Indigenous peoples in Canada have constitutionally recognized and protected Aboriginal and treaty rights. Little Fox Services Ltd. will help industry understand the importance of all Indigenous people’s connection to the land and water, and a desire to retain their culture, traditions and language.

Little Fox Services Ltd. on behalf of all Indigenous peoples will engage industry to provide sustainable employment, business and education opportunities, training programs, grants, and funding. Little Fox Services Ltd. commits to working with industry human resources to develop strategies specific to the attraction and hiring, retention and inclusion of all Indigenous peoples. Little Fox Services Ltd. will assist industry to better understand Indigenous perspectives through engagement and dialogue with impacted indigenous peoples and their communities and take measures to mitigate industry's activities on the


June 30, 2020

Melynda Gullion / President - CEO


Little Fox is also proud to acknowledge and support the efforts of both the Native Women's Association of Canada and Women of the Metis Nation.

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Little Fox Services is a certified CCAB member