Indigenous Workforce & Staffing 

Real Change starts with hiring Indigenous peoples. Little Fox Services recognizes many Indigenous people want to work, but face challenges in finding gainful and meaningful employment. Cultural, language, and traditional barriers cause many Indigenous peoples to be excluded.  Many employers want to hire while increasing diversity in their workplace, but can’t find people with the skill sets they require. That’s why Little Fox Services Indigenous Workforce was created – to determine current and future skills gaps, identify employer needs, identify and select Indigenous people who need help entering the workforce, and then apply our Indigenous knowledge to create functionality that benefit both employers and job seekers. That’s the heart of Little Fox Services drive.

Over a staggering 75% of Indigenous peoples, do not feel comfortable working for a non-indigenous company, due to lack of opportunities, being accepted, integration into a non-indigenous work culture, and recognition of Indigenous heritage. Indigenous peoples surveyed found barriers with employers that understood Indigenous culture, language, tradition, and lifestyle that led to conflicts with employers, and lack of self-identification. Indigenous peoples face over 20% unemployment in Canada, and some First Nation Reserves over 80% of the population is unemployed.


Little Fox Services Indigenous Workforce feels privileged to help – and we are proud of our current results. Our Indigenous staff and candidates receive training in the skill sets that employers need the most. Employers have access to motivated, trained workers who can step in and contribute immediately to their productivity and growth. Little Fox Services promotes businesses, opportunity, and strengthens all Indigenous communities.

Despite corporate initiatives, much change is still needed to truly benefit Indigenous peoples. We take great pride in being an Indigenous owned company, that knows furthering the potential of Indigenous peoples will create a wealth of talent. Little Fox Services makes every effort to provide opportunities for all Indigenous peoples, from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and cultures to ensure the rewards and dignity of working.

Little Fox Services works with some of Canada’s largest organizations, mid-sized companies or entrepreneurs just starting out. Our Indigenous people-first approach means we value inclusion and commemorate diversity, as a social imperative. Our services include permanent and temporary placements, work contracts, green hand mentorship programs, Indigenous youth initiatives, and Indigenous recruitment of all ages. We equip Indigenous people with jobs, opportunities and facilitate training in diverse sectors of the economy. Little Fox Services mission is to secure long-term sustainable employment for all Indigenous people; in a manner that is based on mutual trust, common understanding, open dialogue, and meaningful engagement.


Little Fox Services provides clients with Indigenous Workforce such as:

  • General labourers, Craft/Skilled trades, Heavy Equipment Operators,

  • Journeywomen/Journeymen, Journeyperson, and Apprentices

  • Welders, Electricians, Millwrights, Carpenters, Ironworkers, Scaffolders, Instrumentation Technicians

  • Administrative, Clerical, Human Resources

  • First Aid Attendants, Paramedics, Nurses, Occupational Health and Safety Personnel

  • IT Technician, Helpdesk Analyst, IT Network Systems, Test Analyst, Software Developer, Network Program Manager

  • Rescue Technicians, Firefighters, Safety Watch Personnel

  • Foreman, Leadhand, Process Engineer, Operator, Process Control, Indigenous Summer Students

  • Camp Attendant, Janitors, Line Cooks, Chefs, Maintenance Personnel, Facilities Manager, Supervisors

  • Project Managers, Engineers, Business Analysts, Community Engagement, Consultants


Little Fox Services is proud to honour all Indigenous Women, Chiefs, Councilors, Hereditary Leaders, and pioneers of our great country. Little Fox Services recognizes the contributions of all Indigenous Women in our society; entrepreneurs,  business women, project managers, tradespeople, journeywomen/journeyperson, spiritual leaders, two-spirit Indigenous peoples, and our elders. Because of Indigenous Peoples’ rich diversity, First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples each have their own distinct cultures, languages, and ways of life, all employers must recognize and respect. 


In Supporting Little Fox Services commitment to hiring all Indigenous peoples, especially women, we are ensuring women have a value in the workplace, are respected, and able to advance their careers. The hiring of all Indigenous women further ensures women have the ability to provide for their families, the right to safe work, a place to live, removal from poverty, socioeconomic opportunities, and less likelihood of domestic abuse, and violence. We will honour the truth, and acknowledge the missing and murdered Indigneous women. 


Little Fox Services is a certified CCAB member