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Welcome to Little Fox Occupational Health Services. LFS is the leader in quality pre-hospital care for industry throughout Canada. You can count on us to deliver consistent, quality, rate-competitive, emergency medical care for any aspect of your projects. We are proud to be a 100% Indigenous company, owned and operated.


At Little Fox Safety Services our top priority is quality of customer service and patient care. We understand the logistics of your remote locations. We ensure that as your medical provider, each time you bring a team member out to your site you receive trained, consistent, and knowledgeable service.


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Little Fox Occupational Health and Safety Services 

• 4x4 ambulances, emergency response SUV’s, MTCs
• Patient transport units (PRU)
• Nursing stations, remote nursing clinics
• Nurse practitioners, physicians
• Mobile treatment centres, and medical clinics
• Noninvasive carbon monoxide, ETCO2, and other                 patient monitoring
• Advanced Life Support (ALS) on call for site service               support
• Rescue trailers
• Rescue snowmobiles with rescue toboggan
• Side-by-side ATV with patient transport ability
• Rescue Argo
• Site Stand Alone ETV – Emergency Transport Unit
• Quad (4x4 with GPS and Phone)
• No hidden costs


Little Fox Services offers the followings levels of medical service licensed to work throughout Western and Northern Canada:

• Occupational First Aid Attendant Level III/OFA III
• Emergency Medical Responder — EMR
• Primary Care Paramedic —PCP
• Advanced Care Paramedic — ACP
• Critical Care Paramedic — CCP
• Licensed Practical Nurse — LPN
• Registered Nurse — RN
• Occupational Nurse — OHN
• Physician's Assistant — PA
• Physician

We offer the following services with on-site medical support:

• Oil and gas, mining, pipeline, seismic, logging,                     construction, road construction, facilities, hydro,                   renewables, agriculture, renewables, forestry, and fishery.
• Construction, plant turn-arounds, plant dismantlement,       remediation, winter road construction, lease                         construction, drilling, well servicing, and more.
• Clinic work sites and site-wide services
• Site transportation — crew change vehicles
• Medical direction online 24/7
• Sporting events
• Standby Functions
• Rodeos
• Training
• Remote medical clinics
• Staff for subcontracting
• Medical management
• Onsite drug and alcohol screening

We are pleased to have approved standing orders for licensed practical nurses (LPN’s) and registered nurses (RN’s) from our medical director

Little Fox Fire Rescue Services


As a leader in the professional fire service industry, Little Fox Services provides a comprehensive yet diversified service offering. All services are provided by certified/licensed fire and life-safety professionals equipped with leading-edge firefighting apparatus, equipment, and technology to support our frontline firefighters and fire safety service technicians at your worksite, office, and home.

Our clients benefit from our full service–full cycle approach to service delivery, offering a deep level of knowledge and experience ranging in all aspects of real-time firefighting to the sale, installation, maintenance and service of life-safety systems and equipment.

Fire Rescue

• Industrial firefighting
• Shower decontamination
• Recovery stations
• Wildland firefighting
• Combo units
• Development of site emergency response programs
• Mobilization, management, staffing of fire hall
• Crisis management plans
• Fire suppression
• Firefighter — NFPA 1001/NFPA 1002
• Rescue tech — NFPA 1006 (Confined Space / High Angle)
• Airfield crash rescue
• Training

Little Fox Services can deliver on-site rescue duties, equipment checks, tests and high-risk approach scenarios, and also perform the following:

• Writing confined-space entry permits
• Pre-entry plans
• Hazard assessments
• Job hazard analysis
• Air quality monitoring
• Spark watch
• Back up for on-site medical personnel
• Fire watch
• Safety audits
• Safety inspections
• Safety orientations
• Safety training
• Safety policy and procedure implementation
• Drug and alcohol testing (pre-access/post-incident)
• Rescue scenarios

We will work closely with your team to provide the following:

• Claims management
• Pre-employment medical screening
• Rehabilitation and return-to-work
• Hazard analysis
• Job safety analysis
• Assist in site-specific EPP
• Training and education
• Safety committees
• Accident investigation
• Liaison with the ministry officials
• Notice of compliance
• Employee orientation
• Journey management
• Winter driving


• Complete management of all fire rescue site                         requirements
• Mobilization, management, training and staffing of fire         hall
• Crisis-management plans
• Development of site emergency response programs
• Fire suppression
• Airfield crash rescue
• Training
• Wildland firefighting
• Construction safety officer
• Firefighter — NFPA 1001/1002
• Primary care paramedic
• Rescue tech — NFPA 1006 (Confined Space/High Angle)


Little Fox Security
Little Fox Safety Services
Little Fox Safety Services 

With our solid infrastructure and highly trained personnel, LFS is positioned to deliver the necessary support services for our clients’ operations with locations across Canada, and enhanced services including:

• Customer service
• Access and egress control
• First aid/medical services
• Fire prevention responsibilities
• Security consulting services
• Safety protocol enforcement
• Emergency response
• Management and monitoring of security systems
• Ability to readily supply additional personnel


• Safety professionals
• HSE advisor
• Safety watch
• Disability claim management
• Hazard management (ACSA)
• Health and safety program
• H2S safety supervisor
• Air — safety trailers
• Air monitoring
• COR program development/audits
• Emergency response planning
• Policy and procedure development

Little Fox Security Services
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Little Fox Services' elite security professionals are highly trained to protect and safeguard people, plant and property. Our uniformed security services maintain a safe and secure environment, providing reassurance to our clients, staff and the general public.

Before duty assignment, LFS security officers must pass a stringent selection process, undergoing in-depth background checks and intensive security service training by certified instructors. Once on the job, our team members experience continuing education programs offered through our internal health and safety training academy such as drug and alcohol screening technician and emergency medical responder training.

These are just some of the factors delivered as the new standard for our clients, offering a multi-disciplined service and creating value.

With our solid infrastructure and highly trained personnel, LFS is positioned to deliver the necessary security support services for our clients’ operations with locations across Canada, and a number of enhanced services.

All guards and/or operatives are selected, screened, and trained according to provincial/municipal standards and are trained as bylaw enforcement and municipal law enforcement officers for selected areas in the province.

• Mobile security patrol services (licensed and bonded)
• Commercial property security
• Educational facilities
• First Nation reserves
• Healthcare facilities
• Retail/malls
• Construction sites
• Oil, gas, mining, renewables, geothermal, agriculture,         forestry
• K9 detection
• Parking enforcement
• Bylaw enforcement
• Security systems
• Private investigations
• Loss prevention
• VIP close protection
• GPS tracking
• Integrated security solutions
• Protection and investigation to local businesses
• Staff training and providing local employment
• Alarm response

Little Fox Occupational Health Testing 


Little Fox Services offers a full coverage of occupational health services to help keep your company and its people operating at their best. Pre-hire to post-injury, Little Fox Services has you covered. We are committed to offering quality service with prompt turn-around times, while reducing your organization’s total recordable injury frequency (TRIF).

An injury in the workplace can be devastating to both the injured employee and your business. Little Fox Services' proactive, service-oriented workers' compensation program ensures quality claims management and timely medical care for injured employees that is catered for your business. Our claims department has a variety of medical management programs that help contain medical costs and improve the quality and timeliness of medical care


We provide the following services:

Drug and alcohol testing 
• Audiometric testing 
• Vision screening 
• Respirator mask fit testing 
• Immunizations 
• Spirometry testing 
• Lead and other blood-level testing
• Custom ear plugs
• Medical evaluation
• Physician review/consult
• Mobile testing 
• Respiratory quantiative/qualitative fit testing
• Physical testing abilities (PAT)

Little Fox Services' Workplace Wellness Program provides comprehensive wellness assessments to ensure the health of all employees.

• Health and wellness screen
• BP and heart rate
• O2 saturation
• Height
• Weight
• Waist circumference
• Blood glucose
• Cholesterol
• Fantastic lifestyle checklist
• Job site group stretching
• Exercise therapy

Little Fox Services' Drug & Alcohol Program is available 24/7 and administered by industry-experienced health and safety professionals. Services are required to comply with U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Regulations, Part 40 & 382.

Testing ensures the safety of all individuals and upholds high standards for employees, allowing them comfort that their employer demonstrates a necessary standard of care for their well-being. Testing can be administered for the following reasons:

• Pre-access
• Random
• Reasonable suspicion/cause
• Post-accident/incident
• Return to duty
• Follow-ups

Immediate testing results are available with the capability of confirmation and additional screening by our medical review officer (MRO).

Little Fox Services is a certified CCAB member