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Railworks | Railway         Construction

Little Fox Services is pleased to offer Railworks | Railway Construction to it's specialized services. Little Fox offers comprehensive railroad construction, rehabilitation and maintenance services to a range of industries and clients. Our commitment to safer, smarter, more efficient operations protect your system investments. Our range of  services offers customized, turnkey maintenance solutions for even the busiest rail infrastructure, allowing for smoother, delay-free operations. Little Fox Services has focused on its customers’ needs and its employees’ safety and environmental protection. The management team and field personnel provide excellence workmanship and continually strive to improve safety work procedures and safe work practices. The results are cost efficiency, high quality and satisfied customers. 


As an Indigenous Services company with fully integrated turnkey services and solutions means being able to do it all. It also means that you can feel confident making one phone call to get the seamless, efficient, well-managed solution to any size project in any location across Canada. Regardless of whether you are a Class 1 or 2 railway, short line railroad, industrial customer, or rapid transit provider in Canada’s railway network, we can help. Our services are unparalleled; our strength is integrating these services to bring you peace of mind from the smallest to the most complex projects.

Little Fox Services is pleased to offer the following services:

Track Construction

From initial design and project specification and constructed with unparalleled workmanship.


Railway Development & Inspections

We offer rail inspection to ensure your assets are reliable and always up to the task. We offer a full range of construction management and materials solutions to complete projects turnkey, serving as a general contractor.


Track Maintenance & Repairs

We get you back and running in quickly. We are only one call away. Our On-call technicians make sure that your assets are repaired promptly.

Track Dismantlement & Salvage

We are a complete resource for outsourcing large and small track dismantlement and salvage projects anywhere in Canada.


Track Management Services

Your tracks are an investment, and we offers essential inspection and maintenance services to keep your rail operations running safely..


24-Hour Emergency & Derailment Services

When you’re not moving trains, you’re losing money. We’ll get you back on track fast to be deployed at a moment’s notice – 24 hours a day.


Snow Removal & Winter Switch Cleaning Services

If there’s too much snow on the rails, their steel wheels will just spin out when traveling up inclines, we will remove that for you to work smooth.

Our full range of solutions include:

Our employees are trained in the latest qualifications and standards:

  • Provincial Railway Rules & Regulations
  • Light and Heavy Industrial Track Regulations

  • Rules Qualified in CROR

  • Safety Programs and Qualifications

  • Qualified Track Inspectors

  • OH&S Safety Standards

  • WCB Alberta / Worksafe BC

Safe efficient operations depend on quality construction. Little Fox Services operates with highly-experienced and high-producing steel and tie crews with a proven ability to deliver any size railway production or rehabilitation project. Our dedicated crews have the know-how and best-in-class equipment to change out ties, lay rail, and conduct surfacing and ballasting. 


Production and Rehabilitation Services Offerings:

  • Tie replacement

  • Replacing or laying new rail

  • Re-surfacing

  • Track alignment

  • Ballasting for stability, drainage, and support


Little Fox Services operates with highly experienced and high-producing steel and tie crews with a proven ability to deliver any size railway production or rehabilitation project.  Our teams develop and stick with detailed work plans that make every minute count. We stand by our project specifications, budgets, and timelines. We are certain that, whatever your needs, we can offer maximum efficiency and value, coupled with minimum delays and disruption to your operations. We recommend regular, comprehensive track inspections performed by our qualified track inspectors. Our inspection teams are also able to couple routine and minor track maintenance with their inspection services.

Track Inspection and Maintenance Offerings:

  • Non-destructive baseline track inspections

  • Non-destructive routine track inspections

  • Scheduled maintenance programs


Little Fox Services knowledgeable and dedicated client partnerships result in productive, safe, and well-maintained railways. Our strength is ensuring your tracks remain in optimal operating conditions – meeting and exceeding the requirements set by Transport Canada. As a full-service railroad contractor, we can respond to track deficiencies, including track rehabilitation or replacement. Our peace of mind approach also extends to your business planning. Scheduled track maintenance returns long-term savings on capital costs, operational downtime, and offers more certainty for operational budgets and capital forecasting.

Signals and Communications


Little Fox Services is an expert in the installation and maintenance of traffic controls for all aspects of railway operations. This includes traffic and train control, grade level crossing warning devices, wayside inspection equipment, and specialty communications.


Effective, reliable signals and communications save lives. Little Fox Services ensures that all of your train control systems and crossings clearly communicate the presence of oncoming railcars. Our experienced team will install and maintain all warning and wayside signals and specialty communications according to best practices and all Transport Canada standards.


Signals and Communications Services:

  • Project development

  • Testing and Commissioning

  • Decommissioning

  • Installation

  • Maintenance

  • Track construction and production gang support


Track Protection / Flagging

Where you have workers or equipment engaged near an active track you have a need to ensure you are properly protected and that your work is organized and executed in such a way that you will not interfere with safe railway operations. Little Fox Services Track Protection professionals are Canadian Railway Operating Rules (CROR) certified. We keep your people and your capital assets safe whenever a contractor’s work, including our own construction and maintenance activities, have the potential to interfere with active operations.


Track Protection Services:

  • CROR qualified flagman

  • Protection for people and machinery on or near railway tracks

  • Delivering custom solutions for all environments

  • Class 1 and short line railroads

  • Industry served by rail

  • LRT systems

Communications for Safe Effective Operations 

In your yards, terminals, and rail lines nothing matters more than effective and safe operations. Little Fox Services will work as a trusted business partner with a commitment to the viability of your operations. Third-party solutions do not need to feel third-hand to your operations. We will deliver timely and appropriate reporting that meets your requirements and put safety and efficiency first.

Little Fox Services is a certified CCAB member