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Little Fox Services has expanded our services to become a multidisciplinary firm with expertise spanning the energy, construction, mining and land development sectors. As we continue to grow throughout Western Canada, we are excited for the opportunity to collaborate with new and existing clients; improving our procedures and introducing new technology to address the ever-changing market and needs of our clientele.

Little Fox Services provides professional survey, geotechnical and environmental services. Experience and knowledge of a wide range of projects ensures that we provide reliable and professional services in the fields of energy, industry and infrastructure while meeting the strictest quality requirements. And because we offer multiple services in one company, our clients have been able to find a one-stop shop for projects of any size.


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• Project Planning and Management
• Well Site and Access Road Surveying
• Pipeline Surveying
• Underground Facility Locating
• Facility Surveying
• Topographic Surveying
• Crown Disposition Expiry Specialists


Major Pipeline Projects
• Data and Plan Searches
• Planning and Route Selection
• Pipeline Right-of-Way PLA Sketch Plan
• Individual Ownership Plan / Access Plans
• Notification Plans
• Crossing Plans (including but limited to Valley, River, Creek, Pipeline, Cable,           Power Line and Highways)
• Pipeline Right-of-Way As-Built
• Pipeline Right-of-Way Legal Plan
• Alignment Sheets
• Pipeline Right-of-Way Flagging/Staking for Construction
• Line locating
• Weld Mapping
• 3D Topography Modeling


• Right-of-Way Inspection Dig Site Surveys
• Cathodic Protection Bed Surveys
• Water Course Crossing Surveys
• Pipeline Profile and Depth-of-Cover Surveys
• Above Ground Signage Surveys
• Access Maps (to Existing Facilities or Exposed Dig Sites)
• Facility Locating for Ground Disturbances
• Facility As-Built Surveys
• Construction and Pile Layouts
• Pipe As-Builts for Repair/Replacements
• Emergency Repair Assistance
• Slope Stability and Deformation Surveys
• Data and Plan Searches


• Route Planning and Selection
• LiDar Mapping and Profiling
• Preliminary Design and Staking
• Centerline Establishment and Staking
• Underground Facility Locating
• Legal Surveys
• Individual Ownership Plans
• Easement Plans
• Construction Layout of Structures


At Little Fox Services, we are committed to the pursuit of constant improvement in every aspect of our business. The use of innovative technology such as the HydroLite-TM™ is vital to the achievement of this goal. Large hydrographic surveys are completed more accurately, quickly and safely with the use of HydroLite-TM™ by combining an echo sounder for water depth data collection with a GPS receiver for horizontal data. The ideal solution for surveying significant water bodies, this technology dramatically increases the efficiency of our hydrographic survey services. These services include:

• Tailing Pond Surveys
• Erosion Monitoring Surveys
• Significant Water Crossing Surveys for Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) of       Pipelines and Utility Cables


We are proud to have some of the most knowledgeable and experienced construction surveyors in the industry.

• Topographic Surveys
• Building and Pile Layout Surveys
• Quantity Determinations
• Construction Staking and Slope Staking
• Utility Staking
• Control Surveys
• Line Locating
• As-Built Surveys
• Plant Site Facility Work
•Civil Surveys (pile install, concrete foundations, retention walls and anchor bolt      setting)
•Mechanical Surveys (pumps, vessels, turbines)
• Structural Surveys
• Piping Surveys (above ground/below ground)
• Earthworks/Mining/Reclamation and Volume Surveys (road construction, dyke       construction, de-watering, topographic, reclamation salvage/placement and         quantity tracking)


The popularity of drones has increased drastically as technology has improved. At Little Fox Services, we have trained professionals with the capability of using drones to survey almost any type of project. Our fully trained employees are experienced with all government regulations and are certified to operate drones in Canada. Using these drones, in some projects we have the potential to cover more area in 1 day than a traditional 2-person survey crew can cover in 3 days. Our trained operators can geo-reference images using survey-grade GPS, meaning highly accurate distances, sizes and elevations can be measured directly from an aerial photo mosaic. When periodic site volume calculations are required for gravel piles or pits, the detailed 3D image generated by our UAV’s is a cost-effective way of getting accurate volumes without the requirement of a site survey. The small size and easy deployment mean remote sites can be easily flown and a quick turnaround makes our Aerial Mapping Service perfect in critical situations where you need information and imagery fast.

• Photo Packages & Videos
• Volume Reconciliation
• Large Scale 3D Models
• High Resolution Orthomosaics
• Site Assessments & Scouting
• Non-Invasive Wildlife Monitoring


Commercial and Residential Subdivisions
We offer complete survey packages from the preliminary planning stages through plan completion and registration, ensuring proposed subdivisions meet bylaw regulations and community planning requirements.

Right of Way Surveys
• Utility and Feature Right-of-Ways
• Road Right-of-Ways
• Route Planning
• Pre-Construction Surveys
• Boundary Demarcation and Area Determination
• Plan Completion and Registration

Construction Surveys
• Basement Stakeouts
• Elevation Certificates
• Pile Layout
• Foundation Layout

Real Property Reports (RPR)
• Referencing Permanent Structures to Property Boundaries
• Title and Easement Search
• Compliance Submissions to Municipalities
• RPR Updates to previous RPR's Surveyed by Beta Surveys and Strategic Surveys
   Property Corner Re-Establishments and Boundary Line Identification
• Rural and Urban Survey Services


Wind Power
• Legal Turbine Site Plans
• Legal Cable and Access Right-of-Ways
• Surface Lease and Access Road Surveying
• Construction Layout Surveying
• Construction As-built Surveying
• 3D Topography Modeling
   (ask about our Unmanned Aerial Mapping Services)

Solar Power
• Surface Lease and Access Road Surveying
• Legal Cable and Access Right-of-Ways
• Construction Layout Surveying
• Construction As-built Surveying
3D Topography Modeling
* Unmanned Aerial Mapping Services

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Above and below ground utilities are an industry with unique survey needs. State-of-the-art locating equipment and experienced personnel will provide the accurate utility information essential to a safe excavation.

• Preliminary surveys to assist with project planning
• Construction staking of proposed utilities
• As-built of installed facilities
• Telecommunication towers
• Right-of-way plans
• Easement plans


State-of-the-art locating equipment and experienced personnel will provide the accurate utility information essential to a safe excavation. We currently use the following equipment for underground utilities locates:
* Electromagnetic Locators (traditional line locating)
* Ground Penetrating Radar
* Concrete Scanning


3D Laser scanning is a procedure used to quickly and accurately collect data about objects, surfaces, buildings, and environments. . This scanner is also a high precision total station which enables the integration of conventional surveying into scanned projects. Scanning provides incredibly accurate and detailed data sets in a fraction of the time compared to traditional survey methods. Our CAD specialists are equipped with a full suite of software to derive a multitude of products from scanning data. This form of surveying is extremely useful when a large amount of detail is needed or when more traditional surveying methods are too dangerous, difficult or time consuming. To do this, a laser is projected on an object from the device and a sensor measures the distance to the surface of this object. Inline uses 3D laser scanners to create point clouds of data that are developed into precise 3D maps and models.

Some applications include:
• As-built of existing infrastructure
• Structural analysis
• Deformation surveys
• Ground relief/contour analysis
• Project planning and virtual design
• Floor flatness testing
• Volumetric Surveys
* One-Time or Periodic Inspections
* 3D Topographic Maps and Models
* Volume Tracking
* Leveling Surveys


We work with clients to enhance their database initiatives by improving data delivery techniques and software platforms. We can effortlessly transfer field survey data into fully functional GIS formats and mapping models. Inline understands the importance of timely data transfer to clients and has efficient strategies to process field data to final turnover.



One of the most important aspects of construction survey is maintaining a control network to meet engineering tolerances and specifications. Inline prides itself on being one of the industry leaders for establishing these Control Networks on construction sites across Western Canada. Using only the most reliable principles and practices, we develop your survey control network with pinpoint accuracy. Our in-house Geomatics Engineer will ensure a perfect fit every time.


Little Fox Services is a certified CCAB member